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    Advantages of RFID cold storage management system solution

    2019-11-01 15:39:23

    1. RFID technology is fully applied in the cold storage link. The software and hardware of RFID system can be integrated with inventory management and automatic control to realize data identification, data collection, data exchange and storage smoothly, ensuring the support of the storage link for the whole cold chain. The automation of data entry is realized by RFID system, which can reduce a lot of human and material resources consumption, and realize dynamic and real-time control of cold storage inventory

    2. When goods with RFID tags enter or leave the warehouse, the reader at the exit will automatically read the tags without manual scanning. According to the obtained information, the management system will automatically update the inventory list to realize automatic operation. Combined with the data interaction between the hand-held terminal equipment of the warehouse keeper and the computer and the RFID tag of the goods, the precise correspondence between the goods and the warehouse location can be realized, thus realizing the complete control of the warehouse in and out and the warehouse transfer.

    3. During inventory checking, it is not necessary to conduct manual inspection or scan the barcode, just take the RFID handheld device and start reading the inventory within 3 meters of the goods. Therefore, the workload and unnecessary loss during inventory checking are greatly reduced, and the location of the goods is more accurate and specific through the tracking operation of RFID technology.

    4. The system will integrate RFID tags used by relevant personnel, and realize the function of comparing the time of goods in and out of the warehouse with each other while realizing the control of in and out of the warehouse.

    5. The temperature collected by the temperature sensor is sent to the back-end system for processing through the communication technology. This system can real-time monitor the temperature change of goods in storage and realize real-time monitoring and early warning management.

    6. Every day, the goods in the warehouse will generate refrigeration expenses, which can be calculated automatically and in real time every day, so as to avoid the charge of the cold storage for less and missed customers.

    7. Set the validity period of the food. When the set date is reached, it will automatically remind you to ensure food safety.

    8. The system's fast backup, simple recovery function and permission device can help you ensure data security and easily deal with difficulties.

    With the continuous improvement of cold storage technology and the promotion of the implementation of international standards, RFID cold storage management system is gradually on the track of rapid development of high-end science and technology.

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