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    Application of RFID Management Technology in truck frame

    2019-11-04 14:09:18

      RFID radio frequency identification technology is to use radio frequency mode to exchange data in non-contact two-way communication, so as to achieve the purpose of identification. Compared with the traditional magnetic card, IC card or bar code identification, RFID has the characteristics of long-distance and non-contact identification, and has strong adaptability to the environment. Through reasonable design, it can work in various harsh environments, and has excellent identification effect. RFID is suitable for automatic data collection of the system without human intervention. At the same time, it can identify high-speed moving objects and multiple electronic tags at the same time, so it is easy to operate. RFID truck frame management application technology is to use these advantages of RFID technology for intelligent management.


      RFID reader sends out microwave query signal to the electronic tag through the antenna. The electronic tag is activated by the microwave energy of the reader writer. After receiving the microwave signal, the RFID reader responds and sends the echo signal with the tag data information. The basic feature of RFID technology is to identify static or moving objects by using radio technology, so as to determine the identity of the object to be identified and extract the feature information of the object to be identified. At present, it has been widely used in automobile production, transportation control management, industrial automation, warehousing and logistics and many other fields.


      RFID freight car frame management system is based on RFID technology of Chinese and foreign container truck frame management and control system. Based on the successful experience of reference RFID in other fields, combined with the needs of Chinese and foreign freight car frame management, with the principle of automation, advanced nature, stability and expansibility, the automatic identification and tracking of container truck frame should be realized around the core business needs. Monitor. The core of the system is to install RFID reader and RFID antenna on the front of the container car, and RFID electronic tag on the frame. Through the identification of the electronic tag by the reader, the monitoring and management of the frame can be achieved. RFID electronic tag is installed near the front of the car frame. According to different structure features of the car frame, the appropriate installation position is selected. At the same time, the frame is made of metal, and anti metal electronic label is required. In order to ensure that the electronic label will not be damaged during the use, storage and transportation of the frame, the structure of the frame itself is fully utilized to achieve the protection of the electronic label. For the frame without protection position, on the premise of considering the reading performance, metal baffle or buffer rubber shall be installed to protect the label.


       The electronic label comes with 3M double-sided adhesive. According to the material and environment of the attachment surface, the imported double-sided adhesive with high metal adhesion and high temperature resistance can be directly pasted on the frame, which is convenient to use and reliable in performance. RFID antenna is installed at the front of the car near the frame. Because the RFID antenna itself is larger than the electronic tag, it is not easy to find a suitable location on the front of the car for installation, and in the daily use of the vehicle, there will inevitably be collision events, which is easy to cause damage to the equipment installed on the front of the car. In order to avoid this kind of accidental damage as far as possible, this system will adopt RFID antenna with thick metal alloy structure on the back of the frame, which greatly improves the tolerance and industrial environment adaptability. Uhrfid reader and writer is the core equipment of the system. Its application on the container car should meet the application specification of vehicle specification level, including the adaptability of dust-proof, water-proof and vibration proof, and can adapt to the fluctuation of voltage and current. The equipment shell must be solid and durable, corrosion-resistant, and adapt to the requirements of outdoor environment such as high and low temperature. 

       RFID reader can be installed in the cab, connected with RFID antenna through RF cable, and achieve the acquisition of RFID tag information, so as to achieve the supervision of the frame. Before using the system, it is necessary to initialize the electronic label information, write the unique identification code of the frame into the electronic label according to the rules or specifications of Sinotrans for frame management, and install the electronic label on the corresponding frame to complete the establishment of the initial data information. In this system, RFID reader is connected with vehicle terminal through serial port, and the data read by RFID will be uploaded to vehicle terminal in real time. After the container vehicle is started, the RFID reader begins to enter the working state; when the frame with RFID electronic tag is connected with the front of the vehicle, the electronic tag enters the recognition range of the reader writer, and the data that the reader writer will read will be fed back to the vehicle terminal, which will send the data to the background database after processing, and complete the "vehicle task" of the frame.


        After the frame completes the "boarding task", the RFID reader can, according to the system requirements, load the tag information read to the vehicle terminal at an interval of time, and update the working status of the frame in real time. After the frame completes the task, it is transferred away, and the RFID electronic tag on the frame will leave the reading range of the RFID reader. At this time, the RFID reader cannot detect the existence of the electronic tag, and the vehicle terminal cannot receive the tag information returned by the reader, that is to say, judge that the frame has completed the "get off" operation. At the end of a complete working cycle of the frame, the system updates and saves these information in real time to achieve the purpose of real-time supervision of the frame. RFID reader and writer should have a wide range of power adjustment, so as to ensure that they can not misread other frame electronic labels without affecting the reading performance.

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