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    Decathlon launches China's first RFID inventory robot for retail industry

    2019-12-18 16:11:23

    Decathlon, France, the world's largest comprehensive sporting goods retail group, announced that it would participate in China International Import Expo for the first time. This time, Decathlon group, together with its R & D, design, production, logistics, retail and other whole industry chain brands and subsidiaries, appeared in the exhibition area of service trade, focusing on decathlon's innovative and intelligent solutions in sports popularization and new retail technology, including the launch of the first RFID (radio frequency identification technology) inventory artificial intelligent robot at the exhibition.


    RFID inventory robot "Dibao": with four "China first"


    Founded in 1976 in Lille, France, Decathlon is the world's largest integrated sporting goods retail group. "China is the most important market for decathlon, not one of them." This is the evaluation of decathlon's founder on the Chinese market. Decathlon has been in China since the 1990s. In 2003, Decathlon opened the first physical shopping mall in Asia in Shanghai. At present, it has about 300 physical shopping malls in more than 100 cities in China. At present, Decathlon's headquarters in Greater China is located in Pudong, Shanghai, with the regional headquarters certification of multinational companies.


    The Chinese market is gradually becoming the strongpoint of decathlon's global transformation and new retail development and innovation. The Chinese market is increasingly undertaking the function of global technology incubation of decathlon group. Participating in the Import Expo, Decathlon brought its new RFID inventory robot - "Dibao".


    According to reports, "Dibao" is an artificial intelligence robot invested and developed by decathlon, which will be applied in the scene of physical shopping malls, and realize the automatic inventory of all kinds of products by carrying RFID technology and artificial intelligence. "Dibao" has the functions of automatic inventory without lights, autonomous navigation and map scanning, real-time update of electronic map and other functions, as well as interactive service-oriented functions such as supporting customer self-service navigation, service description and self-service unmanned checkout.


    For a long time, the development and promotion of the automatic inventory technology in the physical retail have been plagued by various product types, large quantity and frequent shelf adjustment in the physical mall. The birth of "Dibao" has overcome the above problems. In addition, "Dibao" has also achieved four "China first": the first RFID inventory robot in China's retail industry, the first commercial RFID technology in China's unmanned automatic inventory test case, China's first application of independent navigation and map scanning update technology in the retail industry, China's first application of fusion of depth vision sensor and double laser 360 degree excitation in the retail industry Optical navigation obstacle avoidance technology.


    At present, "Dibao" is being tested at decathlon Asia experience store in Waigaoqiao, and will hold a global launch and "induction ceremony" at the scene of Import Expo on November 7. Since then, "Dibo" will become decathlon's first robot employee in the world. According to the plan, by the end of this year, 21 physical shopping malls in Shanghai will be put into use with RFID inventory robots, which will be promoted to the national decathlon physical shopping malls in 2020.


    Launch decathlon "second reading" cash register


    In addition to bringing China's first RFID inventory robot for retail industry, Decathlon brings RFID independent cash collection system to the Import Expo in the final shopping link of cash collection, so that visitors can experience decathlon type "second reading" cash collection function on site. Consumers only need to put the goods into the basket of the self-service cash register, the machine can automatically identify and complete the payment. Different from other self-service unattended cashiers, customers don't need to scan one by one in decathlon's self-service cash register, but put all products into RFID reading box to complete reading and pricing at one time. The system improves the efficiency of cash collection by 20% and the efficiency of commodity inventory by 5 times.


    At present, Decathlon Asia experience store, located in Waigaoqiao, is the first entity large-scale shopping mall in China to realize 100% self-service, unattended payment and cash collection, with 100% products covered by RFID technology. The solution has been officially implemented and stably operated in decathlon stores nationwide. Decathlon said: the group is confident in localized innovation and R & D in China and plans to continue to increase investment.

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