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    How UHF RFID Technology Improve Intelligent pallets management in warehouse

    2020-01-03 14:40:43

    How to improve the production efficiency and reduce the operating cost of warehousing and logistics, the stricter the requirements for the management of goods. Warehousing and logistics management is widely used in all walks of life. The establishment of a set of intelligent and informative management warehousing platforms has become an important core. Optimize the warehouse management process, increase the warehouse turnover rate, reduce the occupation of operating funds, and reduce the cost loss caused by inadequate warehouse management. At present, traditional methods such as barcode technology and manual warehouse management documents can no longer meet the diversified needs of modern warehouse management. RFID technology has been widely used in warehouse management for its advantages such as long distance recognition, multiple tag group reading, fast collection, not easy to damage, and large capacity. Application makes all aspects of warehouse management transparent and more efficient. Intelligent management of RFID pallets has become one of the cores of warehouse logistics construction.

    Intelligent management of RFID pallets
    RFID technology is now an advanced wireless technology supported by the state. RFID can allow many management methods to implement wireless methods, and more commercial enterprises will gradually implement the code-to-strip project. In order to improve the operating efficiency, Also try not to change the current logistics and warehousing mode, so that pallets are used as carriers, and the use of pallet identification can make storage management more convenient.

    According to the current status of warehousing management and the feasibility study of RFID technology in logistics management, the advanced RFID data acquisition means are embedded in the WMS system to realize the management of the storage location and pallet of RFID electronic label identification. In this way, the informatization and modernization of enterprise logistics management are realized, the level and efficiency of enterprise logistics management are improved, and the management cost of the enterprise is reduced.

    The trays perform the same recycling strategy. The consignor does not need to collect the pallets by himself, but multiple palletizers use a pallet system together. The empty pallets after the goods are transported do not need to be returned to the shipping place, but are stored in the system in accordance with certain operating regulations. Into the turnaround activities of the next pallet cycle. The original owner does not need to wait for the return of empty pallets, and can re-use the system to obtain the required number of pallets at any time for re-delivery. This system that supports the consistent operation of pallets and realizes the socialization of pallet use is the pallet sharing system. ?

    Establish the economic value of the pallet sharing system. The pallet sharing system enables the orderly circulation of the pallets between the main bodies of the supply chain, thereby generating a wide range of economic values, mainly reflected in:?

    1. The palletized products use pallets as the transport, storage, loading, unloading, handling and metering units between the various links to achieve the consistent operation of the pallets throughout the process, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of repeatedly switching pallets during the delivery process and reducing the phenomenon. Ineffective labor. ?
    2. The loading and unloading of goods in various links can realize mechanized operations, avoid manual loading and unloading, reduce product loss and reduce product packaging strength, and save product packaging costs. ?
    3. It can implement three-dimensional storage, effectively use logistics equipment and facilities, greatly improve storage efficiency and reduce logistics costs. ?
    4. It can improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, effectively use the loading and unloading site, reduce the waiting time for loading and unloading of vehicles, and enhance the supply capacity. ?
    5. It is easier to count the number of goods than to count the number of goods, which can avoid the wrong counting of the goods in the delivery link and improve the service efficiency. ?
    6. It can imitate the common practice of European and American logistics. The product is assembled on standardized pallets as soon as the production line is used. The pallet special packaging machine is used to package the goods on the pallet with plastic film. Once the packaged goods are opened, they are opened during storage and transportation. , It is difficult to recover, it is easy to identify, and it can effectively solve the first major problem of backward logistics in China. "The damage and loss of goods, there are many manual operations in railway and road transportation, and cargo stacking errors, damage and theft often occur." Effectively improve the quality of logistics services in China, and the circulation of goods between suppliers, wholesalers, retailers or users, no longer need to hire escort personnel to monitor the goods throughout the process, which can effectively reduce logistics costs.

    Intelligent management of RFID pallets
    Work flow of RFID pallet intelligent management in each link of storage:

    (1) Storage of finished goods containers:
    An empty pallet with an RFID electronic tag enters the entrance of the pallet, and the RFID tag is read and written to read and write tests on the electronic tag to ensure that the RFID electronic tag whose performance reaches the standard enters the circulation link. The barcode scanning system scans the barcodes on the qualified finished goods boxes, loads them, and the RFID reader compresses the barcode information of the entire pallet goods box that has undergone compression processing into the RFID electronic tag through a special RFID card reader. The association between the barcode and the RFID electronic tag is realized, and the information is transmitted to the central management system.

    (2) Pallet box change or assembling of loose box during storage:
    The RFID mobile read-write device is used to re-associate the adjusted cargo box data with the label, write new information to the label, and update the central database simultaneously.

    (3) Pallet delivery:
    Collect the electronic tag information through the fixed RFID read-write device and the buried antenna, and upload it to the central management system. After the system is verified, the data is decompressed to form the barcode information of the cargo box, and the docking with the one-to-two commercial scanning system is realized.

    (4) Distribution center receives:
    The pallet can be scanned in the reading area for 2-3 seconds to complete the scanning of the cargo boxes on the entire pallet, without the need to scan and stack the individual pieces.

    The effectiveness of RFID in the logistics management of enterprises is reflected in fast: fast logistics efficiency, fast goods transfer points, and improved logistics operation efficiency; accurate: accurate data, accurate collection of goods circulation data in all aspects of logistics management.

    RFID technology optimizes every link in warehouse management. Through RFID technology, it automatically collects data from various operations such as warehouse arrival inspection, warehousing, warehousing, transfer, relocation, inventory check, etc. to ensure warehouse management The speed and accuracy of data input in all links ensure that the enterprise can accurately grasp the real data of the inventory in a timely and accurate manner, and reasonably maintain and control the enterprise's inventory. Make all aspects of warehouse management transparent and work more efficiently.

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