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    How to track animal food safety with RFID

    2019-11-22 16:29:51

    China is a large agricultural country, and agricultural and livestock products play an important role in the circulation of domestic and foreign markets. The application of RFID technology in the traceability system of animal food safety will ensure high-quality food information and data exchange in the production, processing, circulation and other links of food, and provide technical support for the thorough tracking of food "source" and the transparent management of food safety, so as to greatly improve the quality management ability, logistics management ability and international trade of animal products The competitiveness of Yizhong. At the same time, it is beneficial to regulate and purify the livestock product market.


    It has become a very urgent task to strengthen the supervision and management of animal food safety and solve the problems in animal food safety as soon as possible. At present, all animal husbandry farms are looking for and adopting various means to strengthen the identification and tracking management of animals, in order to improve the value of their products and market competitiveness.


    Traceability system of animal food safety based on RFID Technology


    The application of animal food safety traceability system in animal food safety control includes not only the recording and monitoring of the whole feeding process (feeding management, veterinary prevention, disease treatment, feed use) of animals from birth to entering the slaughterhouse, but also the query of the animal by the unique identification code of each animal after the animal products enter the consumer market (supermarket, etc.) The whole process of feeding, slaughtering, processing and circulation of products.


    The implementation of animal food safety traceability system is conducive to the safety and health protection of animal product quality. On the one hand, it can ensure that any designated target with potential quality and safety risks exits the market, so as to implement the "recall system" for harmful food. At the same time, it also takes precautions against the behaviors of animal products production enterprises, prevents the enterprises from intentionally concealing, urges the enterprises to take measures as soon as possible, and minimizes the damage caused by defective products to the public safety. On the other hand, it can also provide information to consumers and relevant institutions to avoid the expansion of confusion in time.


    Composition of traceability system for animal food safety


    1. Hardware composition


    According to the characteristics of the animal breeding process, the system uses active RFID electronic tags, which can make the recognition distance reach 50 m. in the breeding area, the data can be read quickly through the supporting reader writer. It is unnecessary for animals to focus on special recognition channels, which can reduce the stress response of animals caused by driving.


    In the traceability system of animal food safety, RFID tags and readers transmit data through the antenna magnetic field. According to the actual application needs of the farm, other sensors can also be applied to the system. For example, the weighing sensor of the automatic feeding system can transmit the feeding data of animals to the computer. The communication between the reader and the computer of this system can adopt RS232 / 485 interface or USB interface. After the data in the computer is modulated and demodulated, the communication between the computer and the network data center can adopt GSM, DDN or PSDN mode according to the enterprise situation to realize the data transmission And link functions.


    2. Software composition


    To ensure high-quality food safety information exchange, fully realize 100% tracking and full transparency in all links of food production, processing and circulation. Combined with the whole process of animals from birth, breeding, slaughtering to sales.


    (1) farm network data center


    Animal feeding is the longest cycle in the whole production process. The files related to the identity of livestock include the identification code of livestock, the date of entry and exit, the information of farmers, etc.; according to the analysis, the animal medicine, feed and immunity are mainly recorded and monitored in the breeding stage.


    (2) slaughterhouse network data center


    Slaughtering stage is the most complex link in the whole production process, with short time and many links. The information of this link should be connected with the data of the network center of the farm, plus the slaughterhouse information, the time of entering and leaving the slaughterhouse, the information of the quarantine certificate, and the name of the relevant quarantine personnel. According to the analysis, the slaughtering stage mainly monitors the pig transportation, pig quarantine, pork inspection, slaughtering environment and pork transportation, and gives early warning of violations.


    (3) network data center of meat processing plant

    This part is mainly based on the network data of farms and slaughterhouses, adding the information of processing plants, the time of entering and leaving the processing plants and the shelf life of products.


    (4) logistics and distribution network data center


    This part is mainly about the query of historical records, not too much information needs to be recorded. The key is the connection with other network data centers and the corresponding information transformation relationship. For example: the conversion relationship between barcode and label information.


    Finally, the data of these four network data centers are linked and managed through a general database. Different network data centers can link and query relevant data through livestock identification code.


    The whole system platform adopts C / s technology, and the database uses SQL Server 2000 to deal with the internal affairs of the system. The former development platform is designed by Visual C ?. Net, and the system adopts multithreading technology, which can detect the usage of RFID tag reader in the farm.


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