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    RFID Airport Equipment Asset Control Provides Important Security Guarantee

    2019-10-21 13:31:04

    RFID is a new and high technology. Its advanced nature already has the ability to replace the identification technology of the old generation. RFID technology has attracted worldwide attention, and it will be put into airport management with a new attitude to solve the onerous airport management problems.


    Airport security, equipment improvement is very important, but also an important window for air portal and foreign exchange. Traditional airport equipment patrol work is prone to data errors, inefficiency, inadequate supervision of patrol personnel, and irregular patrol standards. This kind of production management situation will inevitably lead to loopholes in the modern management of airport equipment assets, and hidden troubles can not be ignored. For such reasons, it is imperative for Xiyuan to introduce advanced equipment patrol management concept, standardize equipment patrol standards, strengthen the application of high technology in patrol work, and comprehensively improve the level of equipment patrol management.


    RFID Airport Equipment Asset Control Provides Important Security Guarantee


    The main hardware of the system: the RFID data acquisition terminal, which has reliable performance, supports the expansion of various communication modules and data acquisition modules, and can complete various applications. UHF UHF tags are used in RFID tags. It has the advantages of long recognition distance, fast recognition speed and high recognition accuracy.


    The successful launch of this project has completely changed the equipment patrol mode of the airport, improved the patrol efficiency and data availability, realized the sharing of the patrol data and equipment data, further standardized the patrol management process, strengthened the supervision of the patrol work, and made the equipment patrol work level a new step, which has been unanimously recognized by users.


    Editor to Solve the Problem of Luggage Loss


    Provide better service. EPC test in air transportation system applies EPC in air baggage transportation system. Generally speaking, it is to install radio frequency identification tags on baggage at the airport registration counter, and radio frequency identification readers on the counter, baggage conveyor belt and cargo hold. This allows the system to track luggage throughout until the luggage reaches the passenger's hand. The problem of lost luggage in the past has been solved.


    Warehousing Management Editor of Goods


    RFID technology can make electronic tags on the container to record the location, product category, date and so on. Through EPC on the goods, according to the unique coding of each product, we can keep track of the status, location, loss and distribution of goods at any time, so as to facilitate warehousing management.


    Tracking Editor of Transportation Process and Goods


    This system can record and track the operation of products in real time, accurately and completely, and can strengthen the management of production, transportation and sales of products in an all-round and efficient way. It also provides various functions such as perfect and easy-to-use query, statistics and data analysis. Each cargo can be set up complete information within the network, and the contents, routes and logs of cargo tracking and management can be seen at a glance.


    It saves the cost of airport management and improves the efficiency of editing.


    It is understood that the phenomenon of miscarriage of luggage often occurs, and airlines have to spend a sum of money every year to deal with these problems; therefore, the entire air transport system and related logistics companies hope to find a thorough solution as soon as possible. EPC technology can reduce this heavy cost for airlines.


    Minimizing the Accident Risk Editor of Aircraft


    First of all, it can reduce the risk of aircraft maintenance errors. In the huge aircraft maintenance warehouse, highly trained mechanics spend a lot of time to consult the logs every day to find suitable parts on the aircraft. They use this outdated and inefficient way to find parts for maintenance, which not only often makes mistakes, but also wastes a lot of valuable time. The use of electronic tags on aircraft components can display the relevant information of the components quickly and accurately, and help airlines replace the faulty components more quickly and accurately. It saves a lot of manpower and material resources. With electronic tags installed in the position of the aircraft, the aircraft managers can clearly understand whether the life jackets in each position are in place, so as to avoid the occurrence of errors in emergencies.

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