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    RFID Management System of grain depot

    2019-11-15 13:53:55

    I. The current situation and problems of the traditional way of grain storage


    The purchase, warehousing and sales of grain are not only the core business of grain depot, but also the difficulty of supervision. Especially in the peak harvest season, there are many disadvantages in the manual operation mode, such as irregular process and more blind areas of supervision, which are mainly manifested in the following three points:


    1. Manual data recording, information not shared


    Manual filling of documents in each link is difficult to avoid MIS filling or artificial tampering, thus contributing to illegal behaviors such as "human relationship grain", resulting in inconsistent information in the front and back links, inconsistent accounts and facts, distorted quantity and quality, etc;


    2. The grain vehicles are not supervised one by one, and the information is not recorded in real time


    The track of grain delivery vehicles can not be monitored continuously throughout the whole process, there is a blind area, it is difficult to prevent the occurrence of deception such as manipulation of quantity in the process of entering and leaving the warehouse. At the same time, the information of each link of each vehicle can not be recorded in real time, nor can the weighing, quality inspection, loading and unloading, grain fund settlement and other information be traced at any time. Even if the grain depot needs statistical analysis, audit and supervision, there is a lack of real and accurate data, which makes cheating People have no fear;


    3. The automation is not realized, and it is difficult to maintain the fairness of people to people supervision


    The manual operation is not only inefficient, but also driven by the interests of people, which makes the operation process of the in and out warehouse nonstandard, the implementation of the national policy standard not in place, the formation of the problems such as the difficulty of selling grain and the low quality of the in warehouse grain.



    The above reasons make the phenomenon of "inspecting a and selling B", "changing car and skin", "changing license plate" and "stealing samples" common, which brings immeasurable losses to the country and grain storage enterprises in the long run.



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