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    RFID Management of prison tool security

    2019-11-08 13:06:17

    Because of the risk that prison labor tools are used by prisoners for illegal purposes, it is necessary to manage the tools. The traditional prison tool management adopts the artificial method, which is not efficient. It is urgent to realize the effective management of the tool by using the information method, so as to reduce the risk of illegal use of the tool. The shortage of police force and other increasingly prominent problems have changed the past "civil air defense" based service mode, which is of great significance to ensure the normal and efficient operation of prison management and accelerate the construction of prison information.


    Demand classification of prison tool management


    According to different scenarios, prison labor tool management can be roughly divided into three categories:


    1. Tool management solidified on the worktable. Such tools need to monitor whether they are on the worktable in real time.


    2. Management of tools borrowed and returned every day. This kind of tools are usually placed in the tool cabinet of the workshop. They are distributed to work every day and recycled after work.


    3. Management of tools used sporadically. Such tools are usually placed in the tool warehouse, borrowed when used, and returned when used up.


    Analysis of the technical scheme of the tool management in the pilot prisons


    In the early stage, the technical schemes of tool management in the pilot prisons mainly include two-dimensional code scheme, 900m passive RFID technical scheme and multi frequency RFID technical scheme.


    The advantages and disadvantages of various schemes are analyzed as follows:


    QR code scheme: the outstanding advantage of QR code scheme is low cost. The cost of pasting QR code label on each tool is very low. The prominent defect is easy to stain, requiring close scanning, and the tool inventory management experience is not good.


    900m passive RFID technology scheme: 900m passive RFID technology adopts 900m passive electronic tag, which can be pasted or hung on the tool. Compared with QR code tag, it is not affected by contamination. In the early stage, most of the prison pilot tools management adopt 900m passive RFID scheme, and the actual effect in the pilot process is not ideal, mainly reflected in the low accuracy of reading, the large impact of interference, and no anti demolition alarm function. The basic reason why the 900m passive RFID technology scheme is not ideal is that the 900m passive RFID technology is susceptible to occlusion in principle, but in the actual environment, there are a lot of tools being occluded. This results in the high cost of adopting 900m passive RFID technology and the embarrassing situation that the actual reading effect is similar to that of QR code.


    Multifrequency active RFID technology scheme: multifrequency active RFID technology scheme is a pilot scheme started in recent years. It is also the scheme recommended by Guangzhou Zhuojin for the current situation of prison tool management. Its main disadvantage is the high cost of labeling; its advantage is that it can perfectly meet the needs of prison tool management, and the user experience is better, so that the prison tool management system can really be used.


    Tool management solidified on the worktable. Now prison usually uses chain to fix the tools on the working table, and the manual regular check is registered in the tool register. For the tools fixed on the table, the police hope to realize the real-time inventory and on-site monitoring of the tools without changing the existing management mode and increasing the burden of the police. It can count the number of tools in real time and upload the data to the command center and the work platform of the police. When the tool leaves the table, it can give an alarm in time. When the tool leaves the workshop, it can give an alarm in time.


    Tools borrowing and returning Management: at present, the prison tools borrowing and returning management basically adopts paper registration. The police hope to realize self-service borrowing and returning and electronic registration. At the same time, they can automatically read the tools in the tool cabinet in real time to prevent the tools from not being returned.


    Tool inventory: at present, the prison tool inventory is basically carried out manually. The police hope to realize manual + automatic inventory. While improving efficiency, it can be checked manually to avoid accidents.


    RFID prison intelligent management system is a kind of safe and reliable intelligent management system which can distinguish and identify prison inmates and managers, and correspond each person's information in the management system with each person in reality. In order to realize the informatization of prison management system in a real sense, RFID technology is introduced into the prison management industry, and an improved application mode of RFID is proposed for prison comprehensive management, and the overall planning and design scheme of the whole management system is proposed. Under the background of prison information construction, the advanced RFID technology, computer technology, network communication technology, automatic control technology, active detection technology, digital image coding and decoding technology and multimedia technology are comprehensively applied to realize the functional requirements of prison information system.


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