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    RFID Mine Transportation Control to Make Efficiency More Efficient

    2019-10-25 14:57:18

    The exploitation of mine assets is an important operation link of resource-producing enterprises. It has become an important task for enterprise managers to ensure the rational and scientific exploitation of mine resources and the safe production measures of mining operation. Generally, it is charged according to the number of times the transport vehicles enter the mine. In the past, the charging method relies on manual registration, which is easy to make mistakes and inefficient. When the vehicles are busy, it will cause unnecessary congestion. Because of the harsh environment in the mining area, it is difficult for the staff to register the vehicles outdoors for a long time. RFID technology enables the mine vehicle access management system to automatically register entries and exits, effectively improving the efficiency of management.


    RFID Mine Transportation Control to Make Efficiency More Efficient


    It is an urgent problem for major coal enterprises to solve that how to ensure the accurate measurement of coal, the safety of transportation and the non-loss of coal inside and outside the site to meet the management requirements of safe transportation of mining vehicles by RFID technology.


    1. Can strictly manage the coal yard transport vehicles, to ensure real-time grasp of the relevant transport vehicles inside and outside the coal yard and in the driving line (e.g. whether they are legitimate vehicles, eliminate licensed vehicles, the system keeps track of and records the entry and exit time of mining vehicles, weighing situation, whether the line of travel conforms to the regulations, etc.).


    2. It can monitor the operation of the weighing system. When coal material is transported, the ground balance is usually used to weigh bulk materials according to the "gross-skin weight" method. It can uniquely identify and automatically identify vehicles. It can automatically grasp the transportation and inventory data of materials from the management software, and at the same time, prevent illegal acts such as "one car, two cars, big cars and small cars returning to skin".


    3. It can make the measurement network management system connect with the weighing system wireless and form the best intelligent management system. Automatic data acquisition in the scale, feedback to the central server from time to time, establish links with procurement, inventory and production departments, form a complete measurement terminal system, optimize the internal management process of enterprises to the greatest extent, and increase work efficiency.


    4. It can provide inquiry and monitoring system to facilitate relevant personnel to monitor and track a coal material vehicle at any time through the management system.


    The application of RFID technology in the management of related transport vehicles mainly includes the following parts: tag issuance, binding registration with the corresponding vehicles. Vehicle access identification, through the weights, coal yards, key points route identification inspection vehicle handheld or on-board equipment inspection


    RFID Mine Transportation Control to Make Efficiency More Efficient


    Local and remote management through network technology


    (1) A wired network or wireless network is set up to cover the work area of the whole yard. All work data can be transmitted in real time through a fixed RFID reader. Fixed RFI reader has the functions of receiving operation instructions, confirming the accuracy of operation position and materials, and returning to the actual operation.


    (2) Data interaction between job points can be realized through database and computer network, which can realize remote real-time query, statistics, summary of job information of each job point, and generate various reports.


    In view of the drawbacks of current business management, adopting a variety of advanced technologies can fundamentally make up for management loopholes, optimize business processes, improve management level and improve work efficiency.


    Coal Transport Vehicle Work Flow


    (1) Label issuance: Coal transport vehicles receive RFID electronic tags through the backstage management center label issuance office (divided into two cases of whole-team issuance and on-site issuance). Transport vehicles need to provide measurement number, license plate number information, vehicle type, identity information, etc. The system input measurement number, license plate number, driver related information. Vehicles equipped with electronic tags are the only basis for the legal transportation of minerals in the future.


    (2) Coal transport vehicles entering the coal yard weighing: Reader automatic identification of RFID tags in the car is legitimate? Manual checking of vehicles without electronic tags is carried out to prevent illegal transportation of coal by vehicles; if an electronic tag with legal authorization is detected in the vehicle, the vehicle can enter the weighing scale and record the vehicle entry time, gross weight, skin weight data and weighing time; if an unauthorized vehicle with electronic tags is detected in the vehicle, the reader will write to itself. Start the alarm device, give an alarm, and inform the relevant management personnel to handle until the problem is eliminated.


    (3) Coal loading and secondary weighing of transport vehicles: legitimate coal transport vehicles enter the coal yard to load coal, after completing coal loading, the vehicles enter the secondary weighing yard to weigh, and the reader records the vehicle entry time, departure time, the total weight of coal transport vehicles and coal transport.


    After loading coal, some legitimate vehicles did not enter the secondary weighing field according to the relevant regulations, but went directly along the main road, causing great economic losses to enterprises and countries. After fully considering various factors, a fixed reader or a hand-held reader was designed to inspect the weight at the bifurcation intersection of the transport road, and the vehicle trajectory was formed in the system. 。 It is convenient for reference, so as to prevent the stealing of coal resources of the state or enterprises by the legal coal trucks.


    Utilizing advanced RFID radio frequency products and Internet of Things technology solutions, the ultimate goal of effective management of related transport vehicles is to achieve an efficient and reliable management platform, grasp the coal transportation status of mining enterprises in real time, improve the management level of coal transportation enterprises, prevent man-made management loopholes and property losses of enterprises.

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