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    RFID Technology Promotes Intelligent Fire Protection Construction

    2019-10-18 13:32:21

    With the rapid development of RFID technology, fire safety equipment uses advanced information technology, constantly strengthens the information management ability, supervises the patrol inspection process, and improves the management level of the whole fire equipment. The core of fire fighting equipment management lies in the establishment of basic data and the deployment of RFID identification equipment, so that data information can be accurately collected and acquired at each key node. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been paid more and more attention by more and more industries. The stable performance of RFID can satisfy various requirements of information acquisition equipment and information storage equipment, which makes the use of RFID rapidly expand to various fields. In the management of fire fighting equipment, RFID plays a very important role. RFID technology promotes the construction of fire intelligence.


    RFID technology uses radio electromagnetic wave to transfer and interact data. It is a non-contact automatic identification technology. The identification process does not need manual intervention and can work with various harsh environments. RFID has uniqueness, it can recognize high-speed moving objects and identify multiple tags at the same time. Therefore, the application of RFID technology in the management of fire fighting equipment can make the management of equipment easy and simple, avoid data errors and time consumption caused by manual operation and recording, solve the problems in the existing management mode, and provide security for the safe use of fire fighting equipment.


    RFID Technology Promotes Intelligent Fire Protection Construction


    Fire equipment management system based on RFID technology can accurately obtain detailed information of assets by installing RFID tags on fire equipment, binding corresponding asset information in the background, installing RFID tag reader in key nodes and processes, and collecting information of RFID tags.


    1. Passive RFID tags are affixed to all fire-fighting equipment in the jurisdiction. The tags have memory, which can record the purchase time, expiration time, installation time, person in charge and inspection times of the fire-fighting equipment, so as to manage the life cycle of the fire-fighting equipment.


    2. The system establishes electronic files of fire fighting equipment, and stores them in the central server of the management department, and provides expiration alarm function. The system will send out alarm reminders on the management page of the unit, and also send short messages to the mobile phones of the relevant personnel or responsible persons of the unit to remind them to replace.


    3. Fire control department arranges inspection plan of each unit and sampling plan of management department. These plans can be annual plan, monthly plan, weekly plan, temporary plan, etc. The system will automatically generate short message content according to the plan, and send it to the relevant executive mobile phone of each unit in time to remind the person (unit) to carry out inspection of fire fighting equipment, and also can make the plan under the plan. It is loaded into the mobile data acquisition terminal of the specific executor.


    4. Each unit patrol inspectors and management unit sample inspectors are equipped with an RFID mobile data acquisition terminal, which can identify the RFID tag information on fire fighting equipment, and can also communicate with the host computer (management computer). Each patrol inspector receives the patrol plan from the management department and scans (reads) the fire fighting equipment in turn. At this time, the patrol record will be formed in the handset. If it is found that the equipment has been damaged or the function is abnormal, the patrol inspector will make the appropriate choice on the handset and save it in the patrol record.


    5. Install RFID reader and antenna in the fire truck, acquire the information of fire fighting equipment in real time, and compare it with the preset data, show it on the equipped plane, ensure that the information of fire fighting equipment can be quickly identified when there are fire fighting tasks, and check whether the fire fighting equipment is missing after the completion of fire fighting tasks, so as to prevent the loss of fire fighting equipment.


    6. Deploy UHF RFID reader and UHF antenna at the door or channel of the fire warehouse to identify the information of fire equipment entering and leaving the warehouse so as to manage the fire equipment entering and leaving and the warehouse.


    The application of RFID technology in the management of fire fighting equipment has the advantages of long-distance rapid identification, rapid identification and acquisition, high reliability, high confidentiality and easy operation. The advanced information technology has been used to strengthen the information management ability of fire fighting equipment, and the supervision of patrol inspection process has been effectively guaranteed, thus improving the management level of the whole fire fighting equipment and vigorously eliminating various potential safety hazards.

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