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    RFID technology in anti-theft of unmanned supermarket

    2020-02-06 10:04:24

    At present, the unmanned supermarket has been more and more popular, shopping is more convenient, you must have such a puzzle, in the unmanned supermarket steal things, will be found? Guo Jierui, the up Master of station B, made this attempt in an unmanned supermarket in New York:


    He first stuffed a beef strip in his trouser leg, then hid a piece of almond butter in his hat, then blocked the shelf with his clothes, and secretly hid a yogurt in his pocket. Finally, he took a pile of things and walked out of the supermarket. Within five minutes, he received the bill from the supermarket, which was exactly the same as what he had taken, and even knew that the yogurt he had taken was blueberry.


    In today's unmanned supermarket, its anti-theft technology is also well known, RFID, barcode and visual identification can achieve self-service checkout and anti-theft. But in fact, it's not so easy to guard against theft in an unmanned supermarket. According to Shanghai Changning TV station, an unmanned supermarket in Shanghai has been stolen six times a week. Sesame credit has previously tested two unmanned supermarkets in Beijing and Hangzhou, and the real payment rate is only 82%. There are even no supermarkets closed down due to theft.


    RFID technology is no stranger to people engaged in the retail industry: after the goods are labeled with RFID tags, a reader is set up at the exit. When consumers pass the door, the reader will receive RFID radio frequency signals, each signal corresponds to an ID, each ID corresponds to a commodity, and the effective reading range is about several centimeters to three meters. But if there is no guard or corresponding technical monitoring, customers can leave without paying or tearing up the label. In general, the barcode requires customers to download and register the app in advance, and then scan the barcode for settlement. This kind of payment method is cumbersome, which is equivalent to transferring the cost to the customer, and it seriously affects the shopping experience when the customer's mobile network signal is weak or the shopping mall's Wi Fi signal is poor. From this point of view, machine vision technology anti-theft is a better scheme, although the technical barriers are high and the popularization is difficult.

    So, how did the supermarket mentioned at the beginning of the article do it? It is reported that in this unmanned supermarket, when you swipe the QR code to enter the supermarket, the camera at the entrance will carry out face recognition; the camera, infrared sensor and pressure sensor on the shelf will judge whether the customer has purchased what products and how many products have been put back; the microphone in the store will judge the position of the consumer according to the sound of the surrounding environment, at the same time, these The data will be transmitted to the information center of Amazon go store in real time, without delay for each customer; when leaving the store, the sensor will scan and record the goods purchased by the customer, and automatically settle the amount on the customer's account. Of course, the smart thing about this system is that it's not that you touch the goods in a certain area, and the system will deduct money. If you don't want it, you can put the goods back directly. In terms of its theft rate, it is also far lower than that of ordinary supermarkets.

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