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    RFID technology management of gas station

    2019-11-11 15:02:29

    With the popularization of automobiles, the operating load of gas stations has been increasing. The management of gas stations is very important. How to make the efficiency of gas stations more efficient has always been a constant concern. RFID application technology has many advantages, such as non-contact, fast identification, adjustable working distance, accurate collection and good environmental adaptability, which effectively improves the data entry mode and operation efficiency of gas stations. How will RFID play its role in gas stations?


    RFID reader is installed on the gas dispenser to realize data communication with the gas dispenser. The reader is connected to the network through TCP / IP or RS485 bus (or other data bus), or through wireless transmission network for communication and networking. It is connected to the management computer placed in the gas station business hall through the gas station data concentrator, and the RFID gas dispenser information management system software is installed on the management computer Through the system software, the automatic refueling function can be realized. Each refueling can be completed with a card. The system identifies the vehicles entering the service station, and the vehicles matching the fuel card have the right to refuel. One car and one card are used for refueling, and one-to-one form is basically used for matching, but one to many or specified single card refueling is allowed through authority management.


    A RFID electronic tag is installed on the motor vehicle. When the motor vehicle enters the gas station, it is identified by the reader installed next to the gas dispenser. The electronic tag information read by the RFID reader is sent to the backstage control room of the gas station. The control room authorizes the electronic tag to refuel and adds it into the system database. The database stores the license plate number, driver information, and entry information of the gas vehicle Field time, card balance, pre fueling and other relevant information. The fuel dispenser uses wireless mode and computer connection. Once the vehicle tag is authorized, the system can send a fuel quantity data to the fuel dispenser through wireless mode. After confirmation, the fuel dispenser can carry out fuel filling operation. The system transmits the detailed information of the vehicle to the PCU system in the fuel dispenser in tabular form for display.


    RFID fuel dispenser has many functions such as reliable storage, display and automatic collection of business data Features of RFID refueling function According to the quantity and amount of quantitative liters, the fuel can be automatically calculated and accurately charged.

    Features of tax control function The encoder in the fuel dispenser shall be able to generate pulse signals correctly, and the metering data shall be transmitted to the monitoring microprocessor truly, reliably and safely through the metering microprocessor. The data monitoring shall be stored in the tax control memory after being processed by the microprocessor and sent to the display screen of the fuel dispenser at the same time. When the above functions cannot be completed, the fuel dispenser shall be able to be locked automatically, that is, the fuel filling work cannot be carried out. It can correctly generate, save and safely transmit the tax data such as oil quantity, amount and tax payable of each refueling, and can also print the invoice according to the requirements of the tax department, and automatically generate and print the tax report materials.

    Storage features  RFID fuel dispenser equipped with electronic tags can read and write 10000 business data, which can be stored for 10 years. Data storage format can adopt encryption technology. It has strong confidentiality and security to prevent people from using technical means to tamper with data. If the electronic label is operated illegally several times, the electronic label will be locked automatically.

    Features of anti deception function  The monitoring microprocessor in the main board of the meter control system shall be mutually verified with the encoder. When the mutual verification fails, the fuel dispenser shall not work. The main board of the meter and control system shall be designed with a reliable sealing mechanism to prevent random replacement of the main board of the meter and control system.

    It can realize the comprehensive monitoring and modern management of electronic label refueling, oil and gas recovery, tax, measurement technology supervision, consumption service industry management and other aspects, and accelerate the information management process.

    Gas stations are widely distributed and numerous, which brings some difficulties to relevant management. It is impossible to continuously and stably improve the management of gas stations and improve the management level of gas stations through staged and temporary rectification. The application and implementation of RFID technology can ensure the legitimacy of refueling vehicles, improve the level of oil management, and to a large extent, eliminate oil loopholes.


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