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    RFID technology will solve the problems of electric parking

    2020-02-18 11:34:13

    With the increasing diversification of people's travel modes, E-bike is a major means of transportation for public travel, but at the same time, it brings a lot of problems to the management of the city. RFID is used as a wireless RFID terminal sensor technology to realize the identification of people and things, and an Internet of things is formed to improve the governance level of urban electric bicycles. Based on the perception base station deployed on the urban intersection of the electric bicycle intelligent management project, as long as the electronic label is given to the object to be managed, the network management of the whole city of people, vehicles and things can be realized, forming a "IOT Awareness Network" of the smart city in the whole city.


    Electronic tags can track e-bikes around the clock. Bicycles or e-bikes are small in size and easy to ride. The convenience not only attracts a large number of commuters, but also makes many thieves focus on bicycles and e-bikes. Because of its simple structure, the anti-theft function is very weak. In addition, it can not have a perfect anti-theft system similar to the car. Even if the lawbreakers can not steal the whole car in a short time, they can easily destroy and steal the vehicle power supply.


    If the identity of each single vehicle can be authenticated and controlled online, and the usage and travel route of each vehicle can be controlled at a glance, then it can be known in time when driving abnormally or lost or damaged, and then it can be recovered quickly in the future. E-bikes are equipped with "electronic labels", which can greatly ease the difficulty of bicycle management and retrieve the tedious pain points.


     Through the RFID RADIO frequency technology of the Internet of things, it can accurately identify and locate every vehicle and every person. At the same time, it can link the front-end intelligent capture camera to record the instantaneous running track of the vehicle. With the back-end analysis and management application platform, it can complete the real name management, seizure and distribution control, track analysis, traffic statistics and other rich business applications of non motor vehicles, so as to achieve effective and accurate management of people and vehicles. The electronic tag "reports" vehicle information to the reader and writer by actively transmitting electromagnetic wave. The reader and writer are bound to the camera and monitoring platform at the same time. Once any abnormality is found, it can be arrested immediately.


    As far as the core technology of reading electronic tags is concerned, it involves the long-distance transmission, high-frequency transmission, air conflict processing and ultra-low power design of RFID electronic tags. In addition, the core technologies of RFID reading and writing equipment, such as large capacity concurrent reading, ultra long-distance radio frequency receiving sensitivity, directional reading accuracy and off-line access, may control the phenomenon of disorderly parking in the future.


    Although the electronic label was launched to guard against theft and retrieve vehicles, its accurate record of each bicycle's "identity information" is a magic weapon to control disorderly parking. After the camera and monitoring platform are linked, the driving route of each bicycle can be tracked, and an early warning can be given in time when the bicycle stops outside the reasonable area, and the user can be informed in time through linkage with the bicycle management platform. In case of multiple intentional parking incidents, the user's credit rating can also be "downgraded", so as to urge the user to stop according to the regulations every time.


    Recently, the proposal of "electronic fence" to manage bicycle parking and disorderly parking is also the focus of attention. It is hoped that when the user stops in a non designated area, an early warning will be given to remind the user of standard parking by means of non locking. Among them, GPS positioning technology needs to be introduced, which is also full of science and technology. Although it is still in the initial stage of promotion, I believe that with the continuous improvement of technology, there will be a big market.


    The technology of electronic fence and electronic label can also complement each other. In the indoor scene that GPs can't cover or in the city with poor network signal, electronic tags can be used to send electromagnetic waves to track bicycles, while in the first tier cities with large demand for vehicles and mature infrastructure, electronic fence technology can be used. It is believed that the phenomena of losing cars, parking at random, malicious damage and other brake landscapes will be greatly reduced.


    With the development of RFID technology, the ability of data collection, processing and accuracy is becoming stronger and stronger. The electric vehicle is equipped with RFID ID card to manage the electric vehicle from the source. At the same time of solving people's travel traffic management problems, combined with the deployment and implementation of the Internet of things platform, RFID urban electric vehicle management platform is developed.


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