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    UHF RFID pharmaceutical supply chain management system(1)

    2019-12-16 15:26:26

    UHF RFID pharmaceutical supply chain management system mainly includes: manufacturing, distribution, retail

    In this process, the manufacturer uses a disposable uhf RFID label, which is affixed to the drug packaging during the production and packaging. The UHF RFID label serves as a carrier for information transmission. The UHF RFID Tag contains the drug type, batch number, expiration date, wholesaler, etc. in the EPC data area. Information, and upload the information to the system server, and establish a basic database of medicines to facilitate information statistics and related staff queries.

    When the medicines are stored in or out of the warehouse, a uhf rfid fixed reader is used to read the uhf RFID tag information on the outer packaging of the medicines, and upload them to the system data server according to the read information and the quantity of goods stored in and out of the warehouse. Classified statistics, real-time display of inventory information, inventory location information, outbound information, etc., to improve the work in warehouse management. Using a passive RFID handheld reader, inventory of medicines in the warehouse can be performed.

    2. Distribution
    The pharmaceutical products pass through the receiving channel of the distribution company in batches, and the UHF RFID reader device of the receiving channel automatically reads the RFID tags of the single items, boxes, and trays of the pharmaceutical products entering the distribution company, and communicates with the pre-arrival notice received in advance. Perform single-check verification to achieve non-out-of-box inspections and discrepancies alarms, improving the efficiency and accuracy of receipt.

    When a pharmaceutical product is out of the warehouse, select the corresponding drug out of the warehouse according to the order information, and upload the out of the warehouse information and quantity information to the database server of the management center system, update the inventory information and form the outbound document; the outbound document (issue The bill of lading) arrives at the lower-level retail institution with the drug and performs the confirmation operation.

    3. Retail Link
    When selling medicines, provide the corresponding medicines according to user needs, and upload the medicine information, quantity information, and user information to the server of the management center to form an electronic document out of the warehouse.

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