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    What is the impact of industrial readers and writers on 2025 intelligent manufacturing

    2019-12-11 14:23:53

    1, background


    Intelligent manufacturing endows product manufacturing with the ability of online learning and knowledge evolution to achieve high-quality manufacturing. Its key technologies include intelligent sensing technology (RIFD industrial reader, sensor), artificial intelligence technology, intelligent driving technology, intelligent numerical control technology, intelligent logistics technology, etc.


    2. Purpose of intelligent manufacturing


    To improve efficiency, energy efficiency and resource efficiency are the decisive factors to maintain competitiveness;


    Shorten the time to market of products, make the innovation cycle shorter, but the complexity of products is higher and the amount of data is larger;


    Increasing flexibility will realize personalized mass production. However, the market demand is unpredictable, which is full of contradictions with the requirements of high productivity.


    3. What role does industrial reader play in intelligent manufacturing


    RFID is an advanced non-contact RFID technology, which has the advantages of long distance, high speed, strong anti-interference ability and multi-target identification at the same time. In addition, RFID tag has the advantages that bar code does not have, such as: waterproof, antimagnetic, high temperature resistance, long life, far reading, data can be changed, encrypted, large storage capacity, etc.


    Therefore, the application of RFID can make the production more lean, mainly reflected in the following:


    Flat management, production pursuit of zero switching waste, zero inventory zero defects;


    Flexible production, on-site real-time logistics operation control, to achieve workshop logistics balance;


    Comprehensive quality control, quality inspection and control related to the production process are traced back to everyone.


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