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    What is the relationship between the recognition distance of industrial RFID reader and writer

    2019-12-04 10:36:00

    1. Working principle of RFID reader


    First of all, analyze the steps from the working principle. RFID reader (reader writer) can read or write the tag identification code and memory data through wireless communication between the antenna and RFID electronic tag, and realize spatial (contactless) coupling of RF signal between the electronic tag and reader through coupling elements. In the coupling channel, according to the timing relationship, Realize the transmission of energy and the exchange of data.



    2. So there are several reasons that affect the recognition distance


    The power of the reader can be adjusted by 0-4w generally


    The size of the signal transmitting antenna, as well as the adjustment parameters, whether there are some functions such as automatic tuning


    Whether the signal attenuation between the reader and the signal transmitting antenna is small enough


    Chip receiving sensitivity of tag

    Size and parameter matching of label coil

    Whether there is metal interference in the environment



    3. How to make the recognition distance of RFID reader farther


    To increase the power of the reader's host appropriately, we can adopt the design of separate components, add the amplification circuit, and improve the acceptance sensitivity


    The receiving antenna with better material shall be matched and adjusted properly


    Adjust the relevant parameters according to the environment,


    The label chip adopts original authentic products, and the antenna material and base material are stable and reliable

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