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    Four Antenna Ports R2000 Chip UHF Rfid Reader Module

    Products Mode: HYM750
    Chip: Impinj R2000
    Fixed Current: ≤1.6 A
    Fixed Power: 30dBm
    Stepping Interval: 1dBm
    Tag Protocol: EPC C1G2/ISO18000-6C
    Typical Read Range: 15m with 8dBi rfid antenna

    tubiao.png Brief introduction

    HYM750 UHF RFID reader module uses R2000 chip, which complies with ISO18000-6C protocol, with LBT function(Customizable).It supports dense reader working mode(DRM). With standard 8 dBi antenna,the reading distance can reach up to 10 meters, maximum identifying speed can reach up to 400/S; with simple power supply and interface circuit, a high-performance RFID system can be established. It is suitable for logistics, apparel, medical industry, and complex assets management, etc.

    tubiao.png Technical data

    No Item Technical data Unit Remark
    1Fixed current1.2AMax power output
    2Standby current≤1mAEN pin low level
    3Frequency range840~960MHz 
    4Default working frequencyFrequency hoppingMHzFrequency interval 250KHz
    5Channel bandwidth≤250KHz 
    6Frequency hopping speed≤2s 
    7Fixed power30dBm 
    8Stepping interval1dB5~30dBm, adjustable by software
    9Label protocolEPC C1G2
    10Communication protocolAsynchronous serial ports protocol  
    11Starting time≤50ms 
    12Radio-frequency power rising time≤500μs 
    13Radio-frequency power dropping time≤500μs 
    14Adjacent channel power leaking ratio≤-40dB±1CH
    15Frequency stabilizing ratio±10ppm-25℃~+40℃
    16Max reading range10m8dBi antenna

    tubiao.png Characteristics of DC

    Data Mini value Typical value Max value Unit Remark
    Voltage of power4.555.5VDirect current
    Input high level23.35.5VGPIO
    Input low level-0.300.8VGPIO
    Output high level2.9--VGPIO
    Output low level-00.1VGPIO
    Enable current2525uAVEN≥2V

    tubiao.png Requirement on antenna

    No Item Technical data Unit Remark
    1Standing wave ratio≤1.5  

    tubiao.png Appearance and structure

    ? Size: 76.5×39.7×9mm
    ? Weight: 50g


    tubiao.png Interface definition

    PinSignal nameSignal directionFunction/compatibility description
    1VCCInputModule supplying power
    2VCCInputModule supplying power
    3GND-Module connecting ground
    4GND-Module connecting ground
    5ENInputModule enabling,highly effective
    6GPIOBidirectionGeneric port
    7GPIOBidirectionGeneric port
    8GPIOBidirectionGeneric port
    9UART_RXInputAsynchronous serial interface receiving
    10UART_TXOutputAsynchronous serial interface sending
    11DBG_RX-Test port
    12DBG_TX-Test port

    tubiao.png Environment requirement

    No Item Technical data Unit Remark
    1Working temperature-25~+75 
    2Storage temperature-40~+85 
    3Relative humidity10%~90%RH 

    tubiao.png Certification

    CE: ETSI EN 302 208
    ETSI EN 301 489
    ETSI EN50364

    tubiao.png Video Description

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