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    R500 Chip USB UHF Rfid Desktop Reader

    Products Mode: HYR810
    Size: 129×80×22mm
    Output Power: 15dBm
    Chip: Impinj R500
    Working Mode: FHSS or Fixed Frequency
    Interface: USB Power/Communicatioin
    Reading Distance: 0.6m

    tubiao.png BriefIntroduction

    ? UHF RFID high performance desktop reader embedded with modulewhich designed by using Impinj INDY chip, maximum power supply is 25dBm. 15dBm is recommended as fixed power
    ? USB interface is available for power supply and communication, which reaches the most simply connection
    ? With internal 0 dBi circular polarization antenna, tag reading distance is adjustable from 0 to 1 meter.
    ? High read rate up to 200 tag/s
    ? Two GPIO connect to LED light and buzzer, clients can easily control IO according to the special requirement
    ? Good writing performance, well suitable as desktop reader or identifying device for high performance industrial application.

    tubiao.png Technical Data

    No Item Technical Data Unit Remark
    1Fixed current380mAUSB Power supply @ 15dBm
    2Standby current≤100mAConnect by USB
    3Frequency range840~960MHz 
    4Default working frequencyFrequency hoppingMHzFrequency interval 250KHz
    5Channel bandwidth250KHz 
    6Frequency hopping speed≤2s 
    7Fixed power15dBmRecommended Value
    8Stepping interval1dB5~25dBm,
    adjustable by software
    9Label protocolEPC C1G2
    10Communication ProtocolAsynchronous serial ports protocol  
    11Starting time≤50ms 
    12Radio-frequency rising time≤500μs 
    13Radio-frequency dropping time≤500μs 
    14Adjacent channel power leaking ratio≤-40dB±1CH
    15Frequency stabilizing ratio±10ppm-25℃~+40℃
    16Max reading range1mInternal 0 dBi antenna
    17Reading tags’ rate>200/s  

    tubiao.png Appearance and Structure

    ? Dimension(Length X Width X Height):129×80×22mm
    ? Weight:180g


    tubiao.png Interface Definition

    Pin Signal name Signal Direction Function/compatibility description Remark
    1VCCInputUSB supply 
    2GNDInputUSB supply 
    3USB_D+Bi-directionUSB connect computer 
    4USB_D-Bi-directionUSB connect computer 
    5GPIO1Bi-directionConnect LED, RedComputer control
    6GPIO2Bi-directionConnect to buzzerComputer control

    tubiao.png Environment Requirement

    No Item Technical data Unit Remark
    1Working temp.-20~+70 
    2Storage temp.-40~+85 
    3Relative humidity5%~95%RHNon-condensation

    tubiao.png Certification

    CE: ETSI EN 301, ETSI EN 302, EN 50364, EN60950

    tubiao.png Video Description

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