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    UHF Rfid Floor Antenna

    Products Mode: HYN510
    Gain: 8dbi
    VSWR: ≤1.3:1
    Size: 1260*500*20mm
    Frequency: 865~868MHz, 902~928MHz
    Antenna Connection: TNC-Female
    Polarization: Circular

    tubiao.png Brief Introduction

    This product can connect with HYR series separated readers and modules, has the function of data collection, and can be used widely in many kinds of RFID system, the typical applying situation is like the following indicated:    
    The antenna is suitable for all kinds of sports race timing system, for example Mountain bicycle and normal bicycle race, Marathon race, Motorcycle race, rally race etc...

    tubiao.png Capability specifications

    Model HYN510
    Frequency RangeISM902~928MHz
    Gain8 dBic
    Horizontal Beamwidth-Azimuth(3dB)60°
    Vertical Beamwidth-Azimuth(3dB)60°
    Front-back Ratio>20dB
    PolarizationCircular polarization
    Input Impedance (Ω)50
    Maximum Input Power (W)50
    ConnectorTNC male
    Axial Ratio(dB)20
    Lightning ProtectionDC Grounded
    Load Weight>5t
    Radom MaterialRubber
     Working Temp-25℃~65℃
    Ingress ProtectionIP67

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