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    Production Line Management



    The key part of whole production, with material cost control, production statistics, pieces of statistics. According to user needs, solution with Ethernet RFID reader and labels can also achieve the production line equipment operation monitoring and management.RFID systems in production management can make a significant contribution to saving costs by helping to monitor work-in-progress. WIP that needs to be kept at a particular stage for a specified time or that is held as intermediate stock prior to final assembly can be tracked and identified.

    Our  uhf rfid hardwares help companies achieve this. By positioning RFID readers at different points on the production line,items passing that point can be identified without human intervention


    • Improve products quality and transparency of data across supply chains

    • Make it easier to do complex processes

    • Reduce operation errors

    • Production Lead-Time Reduction

    • Reduce rework time

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